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*Investors must have $35k+ liquid and ready to invest to qualify

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Ok, I watched your videos...

✔ I’m a qualified interested investor
✔ This is not my first investment
✔ I would never do any meaningful deal with an amateur – We already know this!
✔ I’m looking to earn higher returns than the market can provide
✔ Please help me become familiar with your e-commerce acquisitions process massive multiples
✔ I’m ready to work with real rock-star operators that manage every detail
✔ So I can capitalize on recession-proof assets 
✔ I know there is massive profit right now
✔ That’s why I’m ready to invest in great deals
✔ I want to meet your team, the brands, founders and other like-minded investors
✔ I promise not to your waste time

Assuming all of that’s true?

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*See the demand for our brands, 150% higher multiple at exit than other portfolios.

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Top 3 Most Lucrative Opportunities in 2023

eCommerce Acquisitions

Close More has partnered with the foremost experts in eCommerce and digital marketing to compliment Close More’s executive management expertise.

Advertising Technology

Broad exposure to many private market investments across industries and asset classes to include but not limited to eCommerce, NIL, sports, media.


Whether it’s $10,000 or $250,000, our investors have access to a proven system for generating a significant return on their capital investment.

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