The World’s First Full
Service Sales & Paid
Traffic Agency

We manage ads & sales for over 200+ clients across the globe.
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We put our money where
our mouth is

We have so much confidence in our sales process that if we can’t generate sales – you don’t pay us a dime.

Our success relies on your success, and we certainly don’t plan on working for free!

We allow you to focus on what you do best… servicing clients!

…without worrying about sales

Let us take scaling your business off your hands 


We have managed over $29 million in ad spend. Generated millions in revenue, thousands of leads, and handled more calls than we can count. We are a premium quality full-service ads and sales services.

an omni-presence marketing approach

One touchpoint on one channel simply is NOT enough anymore. You need to hit consumers 5+ times, on 2 or more channels to maximize your clients’ ROI. This approach allows you to upsell AND retain clients for years to come vs. the standard 3mo Facebook ad lifecycle.

full service ads

Between Facebook, Google & YouTube Ads we spend over a $540,000 dollars per month with record breaking ROAS for ourselves & our clients. The numbers we've produced have earned us on of the few spots within Google's & Facebooks Premier Partner Programs.

binge-worthy funnels & web design

The ads and funnels themselves are the deal-breaker for most brands. This is where we are different - we take time to understand your market, craft your offer & then plug it into 8 figure funnels that are already generating sales in your niche.


With different competitors in every market, we will ensure your offer sticks out from the crowd. Using a mix of high pace, low budget market offer match testing we will dial in your offer with data, not theory - allowing your results to last for years to come.


With the support of the renowned, award-winning media buyers, each with over $1mm in ad spend behind them - you know you are in good hands. Also, get access to our private channels where you can chat with all of your fulfillment team.


Our comprehensive done-for-you fulfillment systems have generated over 290,000+ customers for our clients in the last 3 years. To top it off we charge no management fee for your first 3 clients

The Mind Behind FMA

Since 2015 Mike Matuz has been speaking at business
summits around the globe and working with his
team to generate millions for clients with
paid advertising.

Mike is the go to Speaker/Marketing Expert for the
investors behind brands such as Blue Apron, Hyperice,
and the Internet Marketing Association.

He believes funding, mentoring, and accelerating
entrepreneurship is the fastest way to empower lives
and create sustainable impact.

clients are
featured in

Today FMA manages ads & sales
for over 200+ client across the globe.

are you

The number one killer of a successful partnership is misalignment and miscommunication.
Both of which are easily avoidable by being very protective of who you partner with.

That’s what this call is about.

It’s about us doing our due-diligence so that we can accurately gauge, who will, and who will not,
make great a great partner for our company.